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Silver cup

: Cup
Quality: Unique
Level: 1
Price: 1


Disassembly ritual is on! After a while Silver cup will transform into a blueprint for Staff of Darkness, Dark fury helmet, Cursed armor, Dark warrior`s belt, Cursed glove or materials for crafting them. Or maybe you`ll get Curse magic, Dark attire, Poisoned ring or Dark wrath amulet.
Yet you can change the fate by rubbing the cup! If you are lucky, it will transform into a Golden one. All items of Mahan Xandu drop from the Golden cup ready for use, and only the Golden cup keeps the secret of Spawn of Darkness the pet. Besides, its disassembly ritual only takes 6 hours!
Be careful, you may lose your cup.


Not for sale
Does not drop out in a cave

Dismantle reward


Dropped from